Studio Transuewith Adam Doyce Transue

Model making at the highest level using all conceivable high quality materials manufactured with its own laser cutter, 3D printer, computerized CNC, spray area (Studio Transue mixes its own colours), traditional and conventional model making machinery.

About Studio Transue

For over 25 years, Studio Transue has specialized in making high-end architectural models (maquettes). Studio Transue is run by Adam Doyce Transue, an American born, Dutch speaking architect living and working in the Netherlands since 1998. Located near Amsterdam, Studio Transue has produced hundreds of maquettes for clients in and outside the Netherlands.


Studio Transue is specialized in building architectural models, or ‘maquettes’ as they are known in Dutch, to scale. Each and every maquette is built specifically to meet the client’s needs. Materials, production machinery and manufacturing technology are carefully selected to suit the scale and requirements of the maquette. Please visit our portfolio to view a wide range of models produced in various scales and feel free to contact us about building your next maquette.
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